Transformation Ventures Incorporated

Interim Management

Lower and middle market companies can rarely afford the luxury of having a deep bench of talent in critical positions.  The company needs to maintain low overhead to remain competitive with larger firms and may operate with each executive covering multiple responsibilities.  Because of this cost sensitivity a growing small company will generally delay adding permanent high-cost executive talent until it becomes absolutely necessary.

Transformation Ventures can step in and fill a temporary need created by a longer-term project, company growth, or an executive unexpectedly leaving the company.  Your company gains not only a solution to a temporary management problem but the benefit of an independent, experienced point of view.

Do you need an experienced executive on an interim or part-time basis as:


  • to structure company books and records and develop reporting and financial/operating metrics?
  • to assist in developing the business plan, financial projections, and private placement memorandum for your next capital round?
  • to structure a planning and budgeting process to deliver the company strategy?


President / Chief Operating Officer:

  • to lead development and implementation of policies and processes to improve efficiency, service, and customer satisfaction?
  • to structure and drive growth initiatives where the company has insufficient infrastructure?
  • to structure and lead the deal team for acquisition targeting, transaction execution, and integration?


Turn-around / Corporate Renewal Officer

  • to define and solve problems causing early signs of financial distress?
  • to develop and implement an operational restructuring plan?
  • to identify and implement cost reductions including rightsizing initiatives?
  • to have an assessment from an independent representative reporting to lenders or the Board of Directors?

Transformation Ventures may engage in various tiered economic arrangements with our clients.  That allows us to better align our financial incentives with client outcomes. We are passionate about creating bottom-line results for clients.  Aligned economic arrangements fall in line with this commitment.  We prosper only if the client prospers.

  We would enjoy discussing how we can help increase the value of your company.

         TVI is based in Atlanta, GA.  Our Primary focus is the Southeastern US. 

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